Thursday, June 15, 2006

National Association of Closet Queens and Ghetto Gays, Pt. 2

We just received this letter in the mail. While the cryptic return address may lead you to believe that it came from a mortgage broker or a pornographer, it is actually a fund-raising letter from the local gay and lesbian organization. What does B.P. stand for? Boulder Pride, believe it or not!

The hi-gloss calendar inside, complete with underlayed photos of kissing couples, stands in sharp constrast to the closeted envelope.

The reason for the envelope's secretive initials is that some gay people have, in the past, complained that they don't want the postman to know that they are gay. But for gods sake, in Boulder, Colorado, in 2006, is the postman really going to chase someone with a baseball bat for being gay? Fear of violence or retribution is not the issue here. It's shame.

Gay organizations have to stop being enablers of closets, ghettos, and shame, even if it complicates their fund raising.

If you are ashamed to receive (or send) a letter that says "Boulder Pride" on the envelope, then you really can't really be all that proud, can you?