Saturday, August 12, 2006

Get ready for the new AIDS

From today's WSJ:
A controversial prevention pill to shield people from infection by the AIDS virus cleared a key safety hurdle during a small test, which also offered intriguing hints that the drug could prove effective.
For at least the last year, there have been Tenofovir orgies, in which sexually addicted gay males pop the anti-HIV pill ("Taking a T") and engage in unprotected mass sex. According to the LA Times, Tenofovir is already being sold in gay dance clubs in packets along with Viagra and Ecstasy.

Now that there is actual proof that Tenofovir works, this trend will explode.

But the prevention of HIV does not repeal the rule that the anus is a much more effective receptacle for sexually transmitted diseases than is the vagina. Combine that with the infinitely more frequent opportunities that males have for male-on-male promiscuity than they have for male-on-female promiscuity + no fear of AIDS, and you have a fantastic vector for a new opportunistic disease.

One thing is for certain: once the new disease's victims emerge, it will be heresy to suggest that it's their fault.