Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Richard Cohen - The Explanation Hillary Clinton Owes - washingtonpost.com

Richard Cohen - The Explanation Hillary Clinton Owes - washingtonpost.com: "Yet another man has betrayed Hillary Clinton. This time it's George W. Bush, who not only deceived her about weapons of mass destruction but, when granted congressional authorization to go to war in Iraq, actually did so. This, apparently, came as a surprise to her, although in every hamlet and village in America, every resident who could either read or watch Fox News knew that Bush was going to take the country to war. Among other things, troops were already being dispatched.

'From almost the first day they got into office,' Clinton said last weekend in New Hampshire, the Bush administration was 'trying to figure out how to get rid of Saddam Hussein.' If that was the case -- and indeed it was -- then how come she now says she did not think Bush, armed with a congressional resolution, would hurry to war?"