Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sopranos "Walk Like a Man" 6.17

George W. Bush references related to AJ:

--Carmella was reading "Rebel in Chief," a ridiculously laudatory book about Bush.
--AJ's frat party at Rutgers was DKE, the Yale chapter of which Bush was president in 1968.
--Both juniors, of course, are getting into daddy's business after failing to make it on their own. And both Daddies (Tony and George HW Bush, think their juniors would be incompetent in the respective rackets.

Chris tries to be a good "soldier" for Tony and, at Tony's insistence, has tried to get off the booze and drugs. He does that, though, and then they get on him for never being around the drug infested booze and whore fest that is the Bing. That is pretty much the complete opposite of the kind of environment that a newly married, recovering druggie/alcoholic and new dad should be in, but Tony doesn't care. He wants him off drugs BUT still around when he needs him. He cannot have both. Its the same with AJ. He doesn't want him moping around and doesn't want him in the mob like him, but he FORCES him to go to the Bing for a party to get over his depression.

Tony, to Christopher (paraphrasing): "The steak's done. Even when you take it off the flame, it keeps cooking -- you know, the juices."