Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why George Bush-types suddenly love Big Government

EconLog, Redistribution: Blocking the Revenge of the Nerds?, Bryan Caplan: Library of Economics and Liberty: "It's suspicious - and if you combine the Jock/Nerd Theory with some evolutionary psych, it makes sense. When the best hunter in the tribe gets rich, his neighbors will probably ask nicely for a share, if they dare to ask at all. But if the biggest nerd in the tribe gets rich, how long will it take before the jocks show up and warn him that 'You'd better share and share alike'?

Punchline: Through the lens of the Jock/Nerd Theory of History, the welfare state doesn't look like a serious effort to 'equalize outcomes.' It looks more like a serious effort to block the 'revenge of the nerds' - to keep them from using their financial success to unseat the jocks on every dimension of social status."