Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nagging for dollars - Aug. 16, 2007

Nagging for dollars - Aug. 16, 2007: "Here is how Marla Cilley, better known by her nom de guerre, FlyLady, runs her business. Every morning she rolls out of bed and starts nagging. She sends a first e-mail to her 400,000 subscribers at about 7 A.M., reminding them to get up and get dressed. Throughout the day she'll send about ten more e-mails from her Brevard, N.C., home, nagging them to polish their sinks or plan a healthy dinner. She'll also pen an essay or two on topics ranging from the evils of perfectionism to the importance of self-love. Her office administrator will send a few more e-mails, giving subscribers tidying tips. By the time Cilley's last e-mail - 'Please go to bed!' - goes out at 10 P.M., her flock has received about 15 messages. Last year sales hit $4 million"