Thursday, October 04, 2007

Talking Points Memo | The Genius of Larry Craig, Senator

Talking Points Memo | The Genius of Larry Craig, Senator: "Let's review, news breaks that Craig, a social conservative and strong opponent of gay rights, got nabbed for propositioning a man for sex in a public restroom -- a misdemeanor to which he later pleaded guilty. That's just a bad news day. So Craig's fellow Republicans basically do everything short of physically forcing him to resign. He 'resigns'. Only it's not a resignation. Rather, it's a rather ingenious ploy to let the temperature ease off on the story, a post-dated resignation. Then it's not a resignation. He's going to fight the guilty plea -- something of a novelty in the annals of jurisprudence. He'll stay in office if he can get his plea withdrawn. And now he can't get his guilty plea withdrawn so, well, too bad. He's staying anyway. I don't know whether it was all intentional. But it was ingenious. Who could have thought he would survive this?"