Monday, January 28, 2008

Clinton sleaze

It should be no surprise that the Clintons are playing the race card. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine: "This calculated willingness to shop on both sides of the street of racial politics was actually analyzed quite shrewdly by Dick Morris, the former consigliere of the gruesome twosome, in conversation with Sean Hannity last week. The Clintons, he thought, would be quite happy to lose big to the 'black vote' in South Carolina. It would enable them to signal that they were the ones to stem the flow of the color tide. Morris' host protested that this seemed a touch cynical. Morris jovially assured him that he knew the people he was talking about.

As indeed he did. It was Hillary Clinton who insisted on recalling Morris to the embattled White House, notwithstanding his various disgraces and notwithstanding the fact that he had been the adviser and strategist for Jesse Helms of North Carolina. Why am I saying 'notwithstanding'? It was because he had performed so well for Helms, including helping him with the famous 'white hands' ad that showed a white man crumpling up a letter that told him of preference for 'minorities' in hiring, that Morris was thought of by the then-first lady as such a guru."