Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clinton sleaze

Dana Milbank - This Is an Ex-Candidate - "2:57 p.m., Yeager Airport, Charleston, W.Va.: A steep descent brings Clinton's plane to Charleston's hilltop airport. After an appropriate wait, she steps from the plane and pretends to wave to a crowd of supporters; in fact, she is waving to 10 photographers underneath the airplane's wing. She pretends to spot an old friend in the crowd, points and gives another wave; in fact, she is waving at an aide she had been talking with on the plane minutes earlier.

She stops at Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream and orders a scoop of espresso Oreo and a scoop of butter pecan. 'Ooh, that looks good,' she says after taking the confection, then pauses. 'Now, let's see. Who's got my money?' asks the woman who has lent her campaign $11 million to keep it afloat. She laughs. 'Where -- where'd they go, the people with my money?' Finally, two aides arrive"