Monday, May 01, 2006

Sopranos "Jonny Cakes" episode

I really liked the way corporations were depicted as muscling out the mob -- first, the inability of the wise guys to shake down a corporate coffee shop and then Jamba Juice buying out Tony's real estate. Corporations certainly muscled the mob out of the Las Vegas action, so why not northern Jersey's food and beverage bidness?

Chase likes to portray the mob as an amoral organization that is simply losing out to bigger, more powerful amoral organizations, such as the FBI and Starbucks. This has always struck me as a bit childish, because distinctions are important and adults recognize and appreciate them. But it's an interesting exercise nevertheless.

Like Gary, I was happy to see Dr. Melfi back. She gives great advice, which Tony is sometimes smart and strong enough to follow. Unfortanely for AJ, neither Tony and Carmella is following Melfi's advice to present a united front in parenting AJ.

Finally, Vito and AJ present a great contrast -- Vito is glimsing outside the NJ/NY mob culture for the fist time and is shocked to find altruistic, hard working, happy people, including assimilated gays no less. AJ is being sucked into the NJ/NY mob culture by the lure of easy money and status. And, now, his first panic attack!