Monday, May 15, 2006

Sopranos "Moe 'n Joe" episode

We see Tony pushing away the people who crowded into his hospital room. He talks nicely to Christopher, but then, as he's arranging his wine collection, Tony seems to have nothing to say to Chris. The parallel scene was last night, as Tony played with his wine bottles and ignored Janice's genuine emotion. Likewise, Meadow required some fatherly solace, but all she got was a shot about "living in sin". Carm gets lied to about the measures taken to rescue her spec house. The crew seemed less than enthusiastic about Tony's cold comments on Bobby's injury.

The interesting thing is that Vito's journey -- where self-discovery led only to isolation -- has led him right back to the life he fled. It'll be interesting to see where Tony's journey leads him, as he pushes those closest to him away.

In its primary meaning “Moe n’ Joe” is a term used to refer to people only capable (either by talent or circumstance) of unskilled or semi-skilled manual labor, like the two figures on the Lionel train car who are unloading logs. Simple, repetitious dull labor. “Hey, tell Moe n’ Joe over there to sweep the floor.” Moe n’ Joe are fungible types. One Moe or Joe is as good as any Moe or Joe. It’s a derogatory term. In the show, one (and probably the major) application is Vito realizing his handyman job makes him a Moe (and he’s already a ‘Mo) and he can’t take that. He’s a captain, a made man, not a worker ant. And that's why he leaves as fast as he does.
Carmela was particularly annoying in this episode, humilating poor Ginny Sacrimoni with yet another obstentious display of wealth, and, even worse, presurring Tony to threaten the building inspector with physical violence. At least the mob guys are not self-righteous and hypocritical in their evil.

When [Carmella] and Tone were Splitsville, she sees Angie living the hard life and RUNS, not walks back to Tony. She wanted no part of starting at the bottom. (much like Vito) (and much like Chris seeing the minivan guy and ratting out Ade).

Now, a short time later (1yr maybe?) she tries to pull the same stunt on Angie that she pulled on Ginny, and Angie 'chirps' a slamming sports car. Which she bought herself. Notice how Angie's car is colorful and bold, while Carm's car was picked out by Tony and kinda sedated.

Carmella, Tony will never give you what you want. Would you learn that lesson and then teach it to Meadow. Because she and Finn....for the love of Heaven! Why can't she leave Finn and start over? Because you can't leave Tony and start over. And Vito has neatly demonstrated for us this episode that the root of the inability to do what needs to be done, is laziness. A sense of entitlement to the easy way that stops you from being Angie LaBombDiggady.