Thursday, May 10, 2007

book notes

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Somali children would taunt girls who did not have a clitorectomy. Amazing discussion of Ali's forced clitorectomy, beatings, religious indoctrination, and forced marriage. Along with the clitorectomies, the labia of Somali girls are sewn shut. Rather than removing the stitches prior to a girl's honeymoon, Somalis expect the new husband to bust open the stitches during intercourse as a sign of his virility.

"Slave" appears to be a very common ethnic put down in the Middle East and Africa. Saudis use it on Somalis; Somalis use it on Kenyans. It's really amazing to see just how much the twin ideologies of the Left -- multiculturalism and political correctness -- contradict one another.

As in Bhutto, Somalis react pretty strongly to the preposterous suggestion that men have walked on the Moon.

"Their reaction [to the efficiency of Holland] was to create a fantasy that they as Somalis knew better about everything than these inferior white people."

"She was always insisting that shopkeepers looked askance at her because they were racist and didn't want Moroccans in their shop. Personally, I thought they were staring at her bruises"

In Holland, "when I said the position of Muslim women had to change -- to change now -- people were always telling me to wait or calling me right wing"