Wednesday, December 23, 2009

book notes

The Coming of the Third Reich

Precursors of Nazism included the secular youth movements before WW1 that embraced nature, German heritage and adopted the swastika

German children and teenagers during WW1 got all the propaganda about the glories of war but none of the realities. (p73)

During the inter-war years in Germany, peacetime always referred to pre-WW1. (What a contrast to WW1 as the war to end all wars.)

Nazism took the class struggle ideology of socialism and replaced it with race struggle

p.179. A movemrnt that begins in the criminal couerts ends in the criminal courts.

Amazing how the Communists and National Socialists outnumbered the Nazi's all the way up to '32. The Communists (who had their own storm troopers) appeared to have pulled back to let the Nazi's and National Socialists fight it out (so similar to Lenin seeing WWI as a capitalists destroying themselves and Stalin seeing WW2 as capitalists destroying themselves, right up until Hitler invaded Russia)