Tuesday, January 26, 2010

book notes

From colony to superpower: U.S. foreign relations since 1776 By George C. Herring

Foreign relations was a huge part of the U.S. from the very beginning, as colonists wanted to trade with England's enemies, including the colonies of its enemies, like French Canada.

Fredrick the great said that war is not a success if most people know that it is going on.

The French and Indian War or Seven Years War -- the "war that made America"

Even during the Articles of Confederation there was the jockeying between Northern commerce and Southern preservation of slavery and power -- debate on treaty with Spain that would cede access to the Mississippi for trade concessions.

Munich -- Hitler actually wanted war in '38 and was maneuvered into Munich, giving the weak allies a year to prepare for war.

"I mean who gives a shit if the minimum wage is $1.15 or $1.25?" -- JFK on why he found foreign policy more exciting than domestic policy.