Monday, January 25, 2010

Hoist Your Pitchforks! | The New Republic

Hoist Your Pitchforks! | The New Republic: "Their bill is still being written, but the ideas they're considering include prohibiting political spending by corporations that receive government money, hire lobbyists, or make most of their income abroad.

And shouldn't shareholders have the right to vote before a corporation spends money on politics? Do we want foreign-owned corporations, especially those owned by foreign governments, to exercise an undue influence in our politics? Imagine what an enterprise owned or influenced by the Chinese or Russian governments might try to do to a politician who campaigns too ardently for human rights?

My favorite idea: Requiring CEOs to appear in ads their corporations sponsor, exactly as politicians have to do. ('I'm Joe Smith, the CEO of Acme Consolidated Megacorporation, and I approve this message.')"