Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lazy, wasteful AND hypocritical

From Reuters:
Gore and his team were seen driving the 500 metres or so from a hotel to the Cannes festival headquarters in several cars. The representative said that arriving at events like photocalls and news conferences in cars was normal practice in Cannes. And Gore walked the shorter distance from another hotel to the festival for the movie's screening.
Wow, first the Speaker of the House needs a Suburban to travel 3 blocks to Capitol Hill from a news conference on alternative fuels and hybrids. Now, Al Gore needs a friggin motorcade to travel 500 meteres (0.31 miles) from his hotel to his movie on how the rest of us need to stop the "normal practice" of burning so much fuel.

If this story is true, Gore is, above all, a total fool. Anyone looking at this "An Inconvenient Truth" story could see that the knives were sharpened for any actual (or appearance of) hypocrisy.

Here's a "fair and balanced" review of the movie, including the hypocrisy of Laurie David and Hollywood's "private-jet environmentalists."